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Lost - Season6 ( The wait is Over )

The sixth and final season of the American serial drama television series Lost commenced airing in the United States and Canada on February 2, 2010.The sixth-season premiere was the first to climb in the ratings year-over-year since the second season, drawing 12.1 million viewers.The season aired Tuesdays at 9:00 from February 2 to May 18. The series finale aired on Sunday, May 23, 2010. The finale ran two-and-a-half hours starting at 9/8c; pushing the local news back a half-hour, followed by the previously announced post-finale special, Jimmy Kimmel Live: Aloha to Lost, at 12:05 a.m.The season continues the stories of the survivors of the fictional September 22, 2004 crash of Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 on a mysterious island in the South Pacific. The survivors must deal with two outcomes of the detonation of a nuclear bomb on the island in the 1970s. While the on-island story continues, "flash sideways"show a second timeline, in which Flight 815 never crashes. The season was released on DVD and Blu-ray on August 24, 2010, alongside a complete series boxset.

The cast features 15 major roles with star billing: 11 return from the fifth season,one returns from the fourth season after a year's absence, and three are new regular cast members. Unlike the latter half of the previous season, in which the cast was divided into two groups following two separate storylines, Season Six features an alternate universe scenario which the producers call "flash-sideways," and almost all the main characters participate in both storylines. 
Returning from the fifth season are the survivors' leader Dr. Jack Shephard (Matthew Fox); former fugitive Kate Austen (Evangeline Lilly); millionaire Hugo "Hurley" Reyes (Jorge Garcia); former torturer Sayid Jarrah (Naveen Andrews); con artist James "Sawyer" Ford (Josh Holloway); medium Miles Straume (Ken Leung); former mob-enforcer Jin-Soo Kwon (Daniel Dae Kim) and his privileged wife Sun Kwon (Yunjin Kim); leader of the island's native population, known as the "Others," Ben Linus (Michael Emerson); deceased crash survivor John Locke, who lives on in the sideways timeline but has been impersonated in the original timeline by the mysterious Man In Black (Terry O'Quinn); and former islander Desmond Hume (Henry Ian Cusick), who starts the season off the island.Emilie de Ravin reprises her role as Claire Littleton, a new mother who was absent for one season after disappearing on the Island.The new main cast roles go to pilot Frank Lapidus (Jeff Fahey), Richard Alpert (Nestor Carbonell), an ageless advisor to the Others, and mysterious Flight 316 leader Ilana Verdansky (Zuleikha Robinson). Carbonell was named a main cast member by the executive producers at Comic-Con 2009, after guest starring in the previous three seasons,and Fahey and Robinson were confirmed after appearing in recurring roles in the fourth and fifth seasons.

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  1. LA X I
  2. LA X II
  3. What Kate Does
  4. The Substitute
  5. Lighthouse
  6. Sundown
  7. Dr. Linus
  8. Recon
  9. Ab Aeterno
  10. The Package
  11. Happily Ever After
  12. Everybody Loves Hugo
  13. The Last Recruit
  14. The Candidate
  15. Across the Sea
  16. What They Died For
  17. The End I
  18. The End II

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Don 2 (2011)

An international gangster turns himself in, then dramatically escapes - only to face treachery and betrayal.

Director: Farhan Akhtar
Writers: Javed Akhtar (characters), Salim Khan (characters),
Stars: Shah Rukh Khan, Florian Lukas and Om Puri
Country: India
: Hindi | English (a few lines) | German (a few words)
Filming Locations: Berlin Wall, Berlin, Germany
Production Co: Excel Entertainment, Film Base Berlin, Landmark Production
Sound Mix: Dolby (Dolby Surround 7.1) | DTS | Dolby Digital EX | SDDS
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 2.35 : 1